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Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries

Show, 2018
Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries
This series investigates mysteries that persistently elude scientific explanation, such as mythical creatures, UFOs, sacred sites and more.
The show Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries was released in 2018. Parental guidance suggested.

Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries on IMDB

Score: 7.8 of the 10

Edward Mulhare (Devon Miles in Knight Rider (1982)) hosts this show about UFOs, ghosts, prophecies and other mysteries of the world. From Nostradamus until the Bermuda Triangle, from the witches until Stonehenge, Mulhare, with his deep voice and his presence, takes us to a trip by the unknown to teach us what "there are something out there".

Audio and subtitles

Audio: English [Original]
Subtitles: English

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