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Too Much Stress From My Heart

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Thousands of people attempt to cross the unforgiving terrain of the Sahara desert in search of better lives. These are some of their stories.
This documentaries is Provocative, Emotional

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The Sahara desert present two facets: the beauty of the dunes, telling us of ancient and beautiful cultures and landscapes, transmitting great serenity and well being. We then have the other side, a land of transit, of anguish, of darkness, daily witnessing a human tragedy of immense proportions. Hence the desert, becoming center stage to the death for thousands of migrants crossing these lands searching for a lifeline. Italy, the protagonist nation, playing a key role in the Mediterranean, providing assistance and rescue to migrants landing daily on it's shores. The reasons behind this massive exodus are diverse but one thing is shared by all migrants, the need to save one's life. The protagonists of this narrative are twenty-three young migrants, unveiling their real life stories through poetry and dance at the rhythm of rap, soul, hip-hop and african music. The music, running in their veins never abandons them, the search of a new life accompanies their smiles, their vital joy, a thread uniting and projecting them forward into the future.



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