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Documentaries, 2016, 76 minutes
This documentary explores artist Karin Broos' tumultuous early life, successful career as a painter, and complex relationship with her daughters.
The documentaries Reflections was released in 2016 and lasts 76 minutes. Suitable for ages 12 and up. This documentaries is Understated, Intimate.

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Four in a Van
This documentary follows a family of four on their monthslong road trip across South America as they go on adventures and face new challenges.
Conversaciones con Álvaro Siza
Renowned architect Álvaro Siza reflects on his childhood passions and inspirations, his works and his creative process.
Congreso Anyway
In remarkable footage of a conference held in Barcelona in 1993, participants like Frank Gehry discuss groundbreaking ideas in architecture.
Blame Game
In the murky world of global electronic waste, a lack of recycling, legal gray areas and ruthless businesses have resulted in a toxic dump in Ghana.
Beer Is Cheaper Than Therapy
This documentary explores the tragic repercussions of fighting on the front lines for American soldiers and veterans at the Fort Hood military base.