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Show, 2018
Defying pressure to join her father's firm, a determined young lawyer strikes out on her own and fights to maintain faith in Abu Dhabi's justice system.
The show Justice is a Netflix Original and was released in 2018. Co-created by Emmy winner William Finkelstein ("L.A. Law"). Based on real Sharia cases from Abu Dhabi Judicial Department. moderate threat, violence, suicide references, sexual violence references. This show is Cerebral, Understated.

Justice on IMDB

Score: 4.9 of the 10

The show follows an ambitious young Arab female lawyer who got her law degree in the US and instead of joining her father's law firm back at home (UAE) she decides to go out on her own as a defense attorney, pushing the legal and cultural envelope in the process.

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Audio and subtitles

Audio: Arabic - Audio Description;Arabic (United Arab Emirates) [Original]
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese;English;Arabic;French;Polish

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