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30 Minutes or Less
8 December 2014 | Film | 2011 | 83 minutes
Two crooks planning a bank heist wind up abducting a pizza delivery guy and force him to commit the robbery -- giving him a strict time limit to boot.
Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn
8 December 2014 | Film | 2012 | 91 minutes
This live-action adventure based on the popular video game follows a freshman cadet through a battle to save his school from alien invaders.
American Ninja 4: The Annihilation
8 December 2014 | Film | 1991 | 99 minutes
A retired commando must rescue seven Americans captured by a terrorist sheik in Africa and stop his ninja minions from perpetrating a nuclear attack.
V.R. Troopers
8 December 2014 | Programme | 1995
Three friends who study martial arts find themselves defending humanity from a criminal mastermind and his invading army from another dimension.
 41 - 40 

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Can You Hear Me?
Three friends in a low-income neighborhood find humor and hope in their lives as they grapple with bad boyfriends and their dysfunctional families.
Spelling the Dream
Following four hopeful competitors, this documentary explores Indian Americans' decades-long success at the biggest spelling contest in the U.S.
Kenny Sebastian: The Most Interesting Person in the Room
Fusing his musical and stand-up chops, Kenny Sebastian gets analytical about frumpy footwear, flightless birds and his fear of not being funny enough.