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Drake: Rewriting the Rules
A child actor from Canada changed the game in hip-hop by blending bars with melodies. This documentary follows Drake's unique journey to superstardom.
15 January 2019 | Documentaries | 2018 | 74 minutes
ReMastered: Massacre at the Stadium
The shocking murder of singer Victor Jara in 1973 turned him into a powerful symbol of Chile's struggle. Decades later, a quest for justice unfolds.
11 January 2019 | Documentaries | 2019 | 64 minutes
Kurt & Courtney
This film charts Nirvana's Kurt Cobain's rise to fame, his drug-addled romance with Courtney Love and the conspiracy theories surrounding his death.
8 January 2019 | Documentaries | 1998 | 95 minutes
ReMastered: Who Killed Jam Master Jay?
Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay made a huge impact in music and his community. But friends and family still seek closure years after his unsolved murder.
10 December 2018 | Documentaries | 2018 | 58 minutes
ReMastered: Tricky Dick & The Man in Black
This documentary chronicles Johnny Cash's 1970 visit to the White House, where Cash's emerging ideals clashed with Richard Nixon's policies.
8 November 2018 | Documentaries | 2018 | 58 minutes
ReMastered: Who Shot the Sheriff
In 1976, reggae icon Bob Marley survived an assassination attempt as rival political groups battled in Jamaica. But who exactly was responsible?
18 October 2018 | Documentaries | 2018 | 57 minutes
This documentary profiles music and culture icon Quincy Jones, offering unprecedented access to his private life and stories from his unparalleled career.
23 September 2018 | Documentaries | 2018 | 124 minutes
Alejandro Sanz: What I Was Is What I Am
A retrospective look at the life and career of Grammy-award winning Spanish musician Alejandro Sanz.
20 August 2018 | Documentaries | 2018 | 101 minutes
This documentary explores the rich heritage of Indian classical music and the reasons behind its modern decline in popularity.
25 July 2018 | Documentaries | 2016 | 61 minutes
Imba Means Sing
Experience the hopes, dreams and challenges of three Ugandan children who travel around the world with the African Children's Choir.
25 July 2018 | Documentaries | 2015 | 74 minutes
Camarón: The Film
This documentary looks back on the life of legendary flamenco singer Camarón, who went from humble roots to rock star status to a tragic early death.
18 July 2018 | Documentaries | 2018 | 104 minutes
Camarón Revolution
The extraordinary life and career of flamenco legend Camarón de la Isla is covered in this sweeping biography series.
18 July 2018 | Show | 2018
Springsteen & I
Mixing fan-shot video with performance clips, this heartfelt documentary demonstrates how important Bruce Springsteen has been to his fans worldwide.
4 July 2018 | Documentaries | 2013 | 77 minutes
Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest
This documentary chronicles the tumultuous group dynamics that have driven hip-hop sensations A Tribe Called Quest to the heights of success.
4 July 2018 | Documentaries | 2011 | 97 minutes
Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami
The timeless artist allows a glimpse into her life as she records her 2008 album "Hurricane" in her native Jamaica and promotes it all over the world.
4 July 2018 | Documentaries | 2017 | 115 minutes
Rolling Stones: Crossfire Hurricane
Mixing archival footage and recent interviews, this film tells the story of the Rolling Stones, from blues-obsessed teens to rock 'n' roll legends.
4 July 2018 | Documentaries | 2012 | 110 minutes
Numero Zero: The Roots of Italian Rap
In the '90s, the explosive popularity of hip-hop music in Italy impacts the nation's character while creating a new kind of renegade artist.
4 July 2018 | Documentaries | 2015 | 90 minutes
What We Started
DJs and industry insiders offer a backstage pass to the world of electronic dance music, reflecting on its radical origins and the future of the genre.
1 July 2018 | Documentaries | 2017 | 95 minutes
After the Raves
Acclaimed DJ Tommie Sunshine unpacks uniquely inspiring stories from the controversial world of electronic dance music (EDM).
21 June 2018 | Show | 2017
Salim and Sulaiman Merchant are the stars of this documentary celebrating their music, lives and the highs and lows of years of touring.
21 June 2018 | Documentaries | 2016 | 33 minutes
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