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Injured by an explosive device in Iraq, a Marine corporal fights to be reunited with the bomb-sniffing German shepherd that saved her life in combat.
12 September 2018 | Movie | 2017 | 115 minutes
Casualties of War
In this disquieting tale, a soldier suffers a crisis of conscience when the men on his patrol murder a Vietnamese girl and then cover up the crime.
22 March 2018 | Movie | 1989 | 113 minutes
The Last Face
Savage civil war and a dispute over humanitarian assistance threaten to unravel a checkered romance between an aid director and a doctor.
4 January 2018 | Movie | 2016 | 130 minutes
Missing in Action 2: The Beginning
A soldier captured by the North Vietnamese becomes a prisoner of war and doesn't escape until years after the war ends. Then it's time for revenge.
5 January 2016 | Movie | 1985 | 95 minutes
Zero Dark Thirty
Helmed by Kathryn Bigelow, this gripping dramatization chronicles the 10-year hunt for Osama bin Laden in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
8 February 2015 | Film | 2012 | 157 minutes
Sharpe's Challenge
Word that a local maharaja is threatening British interests sends swashbuckling hero Richard Sharpe on his most dangerous mission yet.
5 January 2015 | Programme | 2006
Amid the horrors of the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942, a group of Russian soldiers holes up in a house occupied by a terrified young woman.
16 December 2014 | Film | 2013 | 130 minutes
Tears of the Sun
Bruce Willis stars as a Navy SEAL sent to the African jungle to rescue a doctor, only to realize he must also save the refugees in the doctor's care.
8 December 2014 | Film | 2003 | 120 minutes
Lions for Lambs
While a Washington bigwig goes toe-to-toe with a reporter on the issue of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, students try to survive in the Middle East.
8 December 2014 | Film | 2007 | 91 minutes
Top Gun
Tom Cruise plays a hotshot pilot who struggles to balance life, responsibility and a love affair while competing at the Navy's fighter-weapons school.
8 December 2014 | Film | 1986 | 109 minutes
Machine Gun Preacher
Gerard Butler stars in this true-life story of Sam Childers, a former drug dealer who dedicates his life to rescuing child soldiers in the Sudan.
8 December 2014 | Film | 2011 | 129 minutes
A farm boy becomes one of the world's first fighter pilots when he volunteers to join the French military at the dawn of World War I.
8 December 2014 | Film | 2006 | 138 minutes
This portrayal of Adolf Hitler's final days is based on the memoirs of Traudl Junge, the young secretary who was with him until his death.
8 December 2014 | Film | 2004 | 155 minutes
In this action-packed drama based on an extraordinary true story, four brothers protect more than 1,000 Jewish refugees during World War II.
8 December 2014 | Film | 2008 | 131 minutes
Black Book
A beautiful Jewish woman averts Nazi capture, then assumes a new Aryan identity and joins the Dutch resistance movement.
8 December 2014 | Film | 2006 | 139 minutes
Sharpe's Peril
Sharpe and Harper run afoul of a dangerous bandit leader while traveling with a disparate group of soldiers and traders to Madras.
8 December 2014 | Film | 2008 | 101 minutes

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When a drug lord kidnaps his girlfriend’s daughter, a retired assassin leaves his newly peaceful life to go on a ruthless rampage to rescue the child.
Sommore: The Reign Continues
Self-proclaimed "Queen of Comedy" Sommore storms the stage to deliver a riotous stand-up performance in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Raja Natwarlal
A small-time con man assembles a team to help him avenge the death of his partner-in-crime at the hands of a powerful gangster.