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Kill Bill: Vol. 2
The Bride has three left on her rampage list: Budd, Elle Driver and Bill himself. But when she arrives at Bill's house, she's in for a surprise.
7 September 2017 | Movie | 2004 | 137 minutes
Enter the Warriors Gate
An avid gamer is magically transported to ancient China, where he must become a warrior in order to save the princess from an evil warlord.
10 August 2017 | Movie | 2016 | 105 minutes
Boyka: Undisputed
The fourth film in the action franchise finds Boyka taking on brutal gangsters to protect the widow of a man he unintentionally killed in the ring.
10 August 2017 | Movie | 2016 | 90 minutes
Savage Dog
A former professional boxer serving time in a brutal labor camp must fight incredible odds to gain his freedom and avenge an act of violence.
2 August 2017 | Movie | 2017 | 94 minutes
Bulletproof Monk
A mysterious and immortal Tibetan kung fu master-- and protector of an ancient scroll -- mentors a street kid in the ancient intricacies of kung fu.
15 June 2017 | Movie | 2003 | 99 minutes
Sword Master
Haunted by the past, a master swordsman masks his identity to work anonymously as a janitor in a brothel, setting in motion a violent chain of events.
15 June 2017 | Movie | 2016 | 107 minutes
Monkey King: Hero Is Back
Released from his ice cage after centuries, a fallen but still quite mystical monkey warrior makes saving a village from monsters his first priority.
15 June 2017 | Movie | 2015 | 87 minutes
Kickboxer: Vengeance
After a skilled fighter falls in the ring, his younger brother emerges from the shadows to train and get revenge against a brutal champion.
4 May 2017 | Movie | 2016 | 90 minutes
Call of Heroes
Aided by a determined lawman and a vagabond warrior, villagers unite to protect their land from a strongman and his thugs during China's Warlord Era.
30 March 2017 | Movie | 2016 | 119 minutes
Bodyguards and Assassins
On the eve of the Chinese Revolution, modern China's founder faces an assassination attempt. It's up to the best kung fu masters to protect him.
30 March 2017 | Movie | 2009 | 138 minutes
Locked Down
An undercover cop gets framed and sent to prison, where he gets pulled into a dangerous subculture of underground cage fighting.
23 March 2017 | Movie | 2010 | 98 minutes
To capture a crime lord who killed his partner and kidnapped his partner's daughter, a Hong Kong detective teams with a smart aleck American gambler.
21 November 2016 | Movie | 2016 | 107 minutes
The Tuxedo
After a government spy is hospitalized, New York City cab driver Jimmy unwillingly takes over the spy's role -- with the aid of a computerized tuxedo.
29 August 2016 | Movie | 2002 | 98 minutes
The Real Miyagi
A look at the life of karate master Fumio Demura shows how he spread the discipline in the West, winning countless devotees and influencing Hollywood.
2 March 2016 | Documentaries | 2015 | 81 minutes | Watch trailer
Ip Man
An occupying Japanese general challenges Chinese men to duels to prove the superiority of the Japanese, but Ip Man refuses to fight -- at first.
2 October 2015 | Movie | 2008 | 106 minutes
Ip Man 2
New in Hong Kong, martial arts instructor Ip Man perseveres and retaliates against his rivals' opposition to the Wing Chun fighting style he teaches.
2 October 2015 | Movie | 2010 | 108 minutes
Skin Trade
A New Jersey detective whose family was killed by an international gangster teams up with a Bangkok cop on a quest to bring down a criminal empire.
25 September 2015 | Movie | 2014 | 96 minutes
American Ninja 2: The Confrontation
Army Ranger Joe Armstrong and his sidekick, Curtis Jackson, are dispatched to a Caribbean island to search for a group of missing Marines.
26 August 2015 | Movie | 1987 | 89 minutes
Kill Bill: Vol. 1
An assassin is shot by her ruthless employer, Bill, and other members of their assassination circle. But she lives -- and plots her vengeance.
1 July 2015 | Movie | 2003 | 110 minutes
The Delta Force
When American tourists get skyjacked and held hostage in Beirut, an elite team of U.S. commandos -- with tough guys Col. Nick Alexander and Maj. Scott McCoy as squad leaders -- are deployed to rescue them.
26 June 2015 | Movie | 1986 | 129 minutes
Invasion U.S.A.
When terrorist mercenaries led by Soviet agent Rostov invade America and turn the country into a war zone, it's up to one-man army Matt Hunter to stem the rising tide of violence, leading the U.S. Army into guerilla warfare on its own turf.
27 May 2015 | Film | 1985 | 107 minutes
Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold
Col. Scott McCoy and his Delta Force commandos battle a Colombian drug cartel in this action-packed sequel. Hounded by federal agents, a despicable drug kingpin kidnaps a trio of American narcotics agents and arranges the death of McCoy's partner.
23 April 2015 | Film | 1990 | 110 minutes
The Perfect Weapon
When gangsters threaten the mentor of martial arts expert Jeff, the protégé fails to stop them from murdering his teacher and is now bent on revenge.
25 March 2015 | Film | 1991 | 84 minutes
American Ninja
Joe "GI Joe" Armstrong is having a bad day: Sentenced to military enlistment in the Philippines, Joe, a martial arts expert, is put in charge of a truck convoy.
25 March 2015 | Film | 1985 | 95 minutes
Set in the world of mixed martial arts combat, this gritty drama follows two brothers at war with each other, both with their eyes on the same prize.
8 December 2014 | Film | 2011 | 139 minutes | Watch trailer
Beverly Hills Ninja
Looking for someone to tail her shady boyfriend, a pretty woman hires a ham-fisted orphan -- who was raised and tutored by ninjas -- for the job.
8 December 2014 | Film | 1997 | 88 minutes
Four hundred years after they were frozen in time, a Ming Dynasty guard and his three pursuers are defrosted to continue their ancient battle.
8 December 2014 | Film | 2014 | 104 minutes
Double Impact
Separated at birth after a Hong Kong crime syndicate murders their parents, twins Chad and Alex Wagner both grow up to be martial arts masters.
8 December 2014 | Film | 1991 | 109 minutes
Never Back Down
When a quick-tempered teen moves to a new town and faces the challenges of attending a new high school, he seeks solace in an underground fight club.
8 December 2014 | Film | 2008 | 108 minutes
American Ninja 4: The Annihilation
A retired commando must rescue seven Americans captured by a terrorist sheik in Africa and stop his ninja minions from perpetrating a nuclear attack.
8 December 2014 | Film | 1991 | 99 minutes

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