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A Tale of Legendary Libido
The women in Byun's village ridicule his lack of libido, but Byun has the last laugh when a traveling monk imbues him with the ultimate male power.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 2008 | 110 minutes
Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day
After their latest jail stint, boozy pals Julian, Bubbles and Ricky plan to go legit but learn trailer park manager Jim aims to demolish their homes.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 2009 | 102 minutes
Trailer Park Boys: The Movie
In this feature-length adventure, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles -- just out of jail -- plan the lamest scheme yet: to get rich by stealing tons of change.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 2006 | 94 minutes
Si saben cómo me pongo ¿pá qué me invitan?
When four unhappy couples attend a spiritual retreat at a resort to try and solve their relationship troubles, shenanigans ensue.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 2018 | 89 minutes
Stir Crazy
Two down-on-their luck friends are mistaken for the same burglars who robbed a bank and get sentenced to 125 years in a maximum-security prison.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 1980 | 111 minutes
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
Ace travels to the jungles of Africa to recover a rare white bat. But if he fails, a war with the violent Wachootoo tribe is sure to follow.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 1995 | 94 minutes
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Barely competent pet private eye Ace Ventura is put on the case when kidnappers with an ax to grind abduct Snowflake, the Miami Dolphins' mascot.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 1994 | 86 minutes
Hot Shots! Part Deux
Charlie Sheen returns as Lt. Topper Harley, who's tapped for a risky mission to rescue Americans from the clutches of a despot with a guard poodle.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 1993 | 88 minutes
Major League
With a roster of misfit players, a baseball team owner is banking on a losing season but underestimates the motley crew's will to succeed.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 1989 | 106 minutes
American Pie Presents: The Book of Love
Three guys desperate to lose their virginity find a sex bible and set out to score the big home run. But the book is missing some crucial information.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 2009 | 97 minutes
Scary Movie 5
Taking aim at not only the horror genre but also films like "Black Swan" and "Inception," "Scary Movie 5" widens the franchise's scope of mockery.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 2013 | 86 minutes
Good Luck Chuck
Every time Chuck breaks up with a girlfriend, she ends up engaged to her next boyfriend. Soon, women are dating Chuck in hopes of meeting Mr. Right.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 2007 | 99 minutes
The Brothers
Four close-knit friends test the limits of honesty and commitment as they barhop, climb the career ladder and incessantly fall in and out of love.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 2001 | 102 minutes
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
When widower Larry asks Chuck to pose as his gay lover so that he can get domestic partner benefits for his kids, his loyal buddy agrees.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 2007 | 115 minutes
Cheech & Chong's The Corsican Brothers
Twins who feel each other's pain reunite after decades apart and help trigger the French Revolution in this bawdy send-up of the Alexandre Dumas tale.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 1984 | 90 minutes
American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile
Erik Stifler, the virginal cousin and polar opposite of Matt and Steve Stifler, decides to abstain from sex with his girlfriend until they're ready.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 2006 | 101 minutes
Role Models
Danny and Wheeler coast their way through their jobs, but their goofing off leads to community service with the Sturdy Wings mentoring program.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 2008 | 99 minutes
Daddy's Home
A well-intentioned and eager stepfather welcomes his wife's hyper-masculine ex-husband for a family visit that rapidly escalates into a dad war.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 2015 | 96 minutes
In this next-generation "Vacation" reboot, Clark Griswold's son, Rusty, tries to reconnect with his family on a calamitous road trip to Walley World.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 2015 | 98 minutes
Bad Neighbours 2
When a sorority with a progressive agenda moves in next door, parents Mac and Kelly must keep them at bay before closing the deal on their house sale.
4 July 2018 | Movie | 2016 | 92 minutes
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Women vs. Men
A battle of the sexes breaks out when a woman follows her disgruntled husband and his buddy to a strip club and spots them getting lap dances.
Moorim School
Each harboring a past wound, a K-pop idol and an heir to a Chinese conglomerate enroll at a mysterious school with no ordinary curriculum.
Broke pianist Monty longs to open a piano bar. A steamy affair with a rich older woman could pave the way, but is he willing to risk all that matters?