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Holland: Natuur in de Delta
Enjoy an homage to the stunning scenery, majestic wildlife and ageless forces of nature found throughout Holland's lush and vivid landscapes.
21 June 2018 | Documentaries | 2015 | 96 minutes
Two ex-convicts kidnap the daughter of a wealthy tycoon and hold her for ransom, but their victim soon begins to hatch a plan of her own.
21 June 2018 | Movie | 2014 | 91 minutes
Ellis in Glamourland
When a relationship guru offers her lessons in how to marry a millionaire, single mom Ellis enters a high-society dream world, but will she find love?
21 June 2018 | Movie | 2004 | 95 minutes
Four women in the same family lean on each other as they fumble their way through the crazy uncertainties of love, sex and romance.
21 June 2018 | Movie | 2013 | 91 minutes
De Reunie
For Sabine, an invitation to her high school reunion stirs up dark and difficult memories of a childhood friend who disappeared years ago.
21 June 2018 | Movie | 2015 | 103 minutes
Pak Van Mijn Hart
While managing their father's costume company, two brothers find their lives upended by a businesswoman with a plan to challenge holiday traditions.
21 June 2018 | Movie | 2014 | 86 minutes
Six friends spend the holidays in a seaside villa, but a secret from the past soon rises to the surface and turns their vacation into a nightmare.
21 June 2018 | Movie | 2016 | 112 minutes
Bros Before Hos
Partying stepbrothers whose parents' marriage was a disaster vow never to get into a relationship, but things change when both fall for the same girl.
21 June 2018 | Movie | 2013 | 84 minutes
Voor Elkaar Gemaakt
After an ill-conceived tryst leaves him infertile, a freewheeling bachelor gets in touch with the recipient of a previous sperm donation.
19 April 2018 | Movie | 2017 | 92 minutes
First Mission
As part of a humanitarian effort, a doctor and her staff put their lives on the line to help civilians in a war-torn South American country.
19 April 2018 | Movie | 2010 | 112 minutes
When lavish spending finally catches up with her, a stage actress asks a humorless accountant to help bring her back from the brink of bankruptcy.
19 April 2018 | Movie | 2008 | 75 minutes
Bollywood Hero
While in Mumbai for a Bollywood film role, a Dutch actor unwittingly causes an accident that compels him to fix the plight of those around him.
19 April 2018 | Movie | 2009 | 76 minutes
In Real Life
Cinema collides with real life when a director casts his girlfriend in a romantic movie opposite a member of the crew who has no acting experience.
19 April 2018 | Movie | 2008 | 84 minutes
Northern Light
Following a devastating tragedy, a troubled coach for an after-school boxing program struggles to engage with his sensitive teenage son.
19 April 2018 | Movie | 2006 | 82 minutes
When Anna takes up writing as a way to deal with her feelings for her stifling mother, the consequences of her words go far beyond what she imagined.
19 April 2018 | Movie | 2005 | 105 minutes
A painter obsessed with beauty kidnaps a gorgeous movie star and locks her in a basement, where she faces starvation as part of a grim art project.
19 April 2018 | Movie | 2011 | 92 minutes
Twin sisters who were raised by their gay fathers finally get the chance to meet their birth mother when she calls them from out of the blue.
19 April 2018 | Movie | 2012 | 100 minutes
In this gripping psychological drama, Joy cannot overcome the trauma of having been abandoned as an infant and being raised in an orphanage. Now a teenager, Joy obsesses over her mother's identity, despite her boyfriend's attempts to help her.
19 April 2018 | Movie | 2009 | 74 minutes
De Ontsnapping
Still grieving the long-ago loss of her brother, a restless wife and mother goes on an escapade to Portugal, where she soon learns to face her past.
19 April 2018 | Movie | 2015 | 96 minutes
Alles Stroomt
A widowed mother's close relationship with her son is thrown into turmoil when he moves out of their home, and she moves in with another man.
19 April 2018 | Movie | 2009 | 103 minutes
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Hell-bent on avenging the murder of his family, a former detective infiltrates a remote island that serves as a prison for vicious death row criminals.
Way Back into Love
After years in the U.S., a Taiwanese immigrant returns to her hometown with a young daughter in tow to assist her father with his bed-and-breakfast.
Todd Glass: Stand-Up Special
Standup comedian Todd Glass gets right down to it, with sly observations on accepting directions, denying compliments and being afraid of the dark.