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Netflix British Miniseries movies and series

An overview of all Netflix British Miniseries movies and series. 12 titles were found.

War & Peace
The lives and loves of three aristocratic Russian families intertwine against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars and the French invasion of Russia.
4 April 2017 | Show | 2016
The Great Train Robbery
This two-part tale delivers the true story of the Great Train Robbery of 1963, the biggest one in England's history.
22 December 2016 | Show | 2013
Sense & Sensibility
Part of the classic TV series dramatizing the works of Jane Austen, this bucolic romantic drama traces the fortunes of three impoverished sisters.
8 December 2014 | Programme | 2008
Top of the Lake
When pregnant, 12-year-old Tui tries to kill herself in a freezing New Zealand lake, Detective Robin Griffin has plenty of questions for the girl.
8 December 2014 | Programme | 2013 | Watch trailer
The Secret of Crickley Hall
In the wake of her son's disapperance, Eve Caleigh moves her family from London to the north of England in a bid to escape the trauma of their loss.
8 December 2014 | Programme | 2012
Daniel Deronda
An aristocrat's illegitimate son falls for a woman in need in this Victorian melodrama based on George Eliot's novel about a love triangle gone awry.
8 December 2014 | Programme | 2002
Parade's End
This World War I-era miniseries chronicles the tangled relationship between an aristocrat, his beautiful but unfaithful wife and a young suffragette.
8 December 2014 | Programme | 2012
The House of Cards Trilogy (BBC)
After he's passed up for a promotion, British politician Francis Urquhart vows to exact revenge on the system that's holding him back.
8 December 2014 | Programme | 1995
In this Jane Austen adaptation, meddler Emma Woodhouse takes new protégé Harriet Smith under her swing, but her plans end up in disaster.
8 December 2014 | Programme | 2009
North & South
When her father moves his family to an industrial mill town, the parson's daughter, Margaret Hale, struggles to adapt to her harsh new surroundings.
8 December 2014 | Programme | 2004
Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution
This documentary series tackles one of history's most disquieting subjects: the Holocaust and the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.
8 December 2014 | Documentaries | 2005
Pride and Prejudice
An all-star cast, stately homes and beautiful countryside combine to capture the romance, drama and wit of Jane Austen's novel in the 1995 adaptation.
8 December 2014 | Programme | 1995

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