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When attackers target the heiress she's protecting, battle-hardened bodyguard Sam scrambles to save her client -- and teach her how to fight back.
18 January 2019 | Movie | 2019 | 94 minutes
Black Water
A faithful CIA operative is drugged and brought aboard the Blackwater, a high-security submarine. His jailors plan to torture the truth out of him.
3 January 2019 | Movie | 2018 | 104 minutes
A series of high-stakes thefts at banks owned by a manipulative millionaire sparks an FBI agent to suspect a sinister plan behind the deadly heists.
3 January 2019 | Movie | 2016 | 102 minutes
A Las Vegas cop attempts to rob a drug shipment from a casino kingpin, but the heist goes horribly wrong, leading to the kidnap of his son.
3 January 2019 | Movie | 2017 | 95 minutes
Death Wish (2018)
After criminals brutally attack his wife and daughter, Dr. Paul Kersey carries out his own brand of violent vigilante justice.
31 December 2018 | Movie | 2018 | 107 minutes
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
Alice fights to get to Raccoon City and obtain a crucial antivirus, but Dr. Isaacs, Umbrella Corp. and hordes of violent zombies all stand in her way.
31 December 2018 | Movie | 2016 | 106 minutes
Tsunami survivors trapped in a submerged grocery store discover a threat worse than drowning: bloodthirsty sharks lurking in the water.
17 December 2018 | Movie | 2012 | 92 minutes
In 2nd-century Britain, a famed centurion and a handful of Roman soldiers try to survive behind enemy lines after Pict tribesmen decimate the platoon.
17 December 2018 | Movie | 2010 | 97 minutes
The Losers
After learning that their handler set them up, a group of disavowed CIA operatives bands together to bring down their betrayers.
17 December 2018 | Movie | 2010 | 96 minutes
Sherlock Holmes
Robert Downey Jr. stars as the legendary sleuth Sherlock Holmes in this Guy Ritchie-helmed reinvention of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's detective series.
17 December 2018 | Movie | 2009 | 128 minutes
The Tourist
An American tourist seeking solace for his shattered heart instead finds it in danger again after encountering a beautiful Interpol agent.
17 December 2018 | Movie | 2010 | 103 minutes
Special Forces
While covering the war in Afghanistan, journalist Elsa is kidnapped by the Taliban, and a Special Forces team races against time to rescue her.
17 December 2018 | Movie | 2011 | 108 minutes
Underworld: Blood Wars
While striving to keep her daughter safe, vampire "death dealer" Selene battles Marius, a fearsome Lycan, and the villainous vampire, Semira.
13 December 2018 | Movie | 2016 | 91 minutes
Marooned on a lonely planet where he hopes an emergency beacon will save him, grim antihero Riddick instead attracts deadly aliens and mercenaries.
6 December 2018 | Movie | 2013 | 119 minutes
Blind Detective
When a cop loses his vision, his detecting skills stay sharp. Luckily, a rookie officer recognizes his extraordinary powers of deduction.
3 December 2018 | Movie | 2013 | 129 minutes
When master criminal Helios steals a mobile WMD, rival agents from Hong Kong, South Korea and China must join forces to recover the device.
3 December 2018 | Movie | 2015 | 112 minutes
Line Walker
A Hong Kong intelligence officer tasked with finding undercover agents whose identities have been erased finds herself in the paths of rival triads.
3 December 2018 | Movie | 2016 | 108 minutes
Lord of War
When a Ukrainian immigrant goes from two-bit thug to the world's leading arms dealer, he soon finds that his profiteering comes at a cost.
3 December 2018 | Movie | 2005 | 121 minutes
The Humanity Bureau
In a dystopian, near-future United States, a deportation caseworker who has begun to question authority tries to safeguard a woman and her young son.
3 December 2018 | Movie | 2017 | 94 minutes
The Hurt Locker
Kathryn Bigelow directs this gripping drama following one of the U.S. Army's elite explosive ordnance disposal teams operating in Iraq.
3 December 2018 | Movie | 2008 | 131 minutes
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