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The Ascent of Woman
This four-part series traces the impact of women on politics, religion, science and other aspects of human history from 10,000 B.C. to the present.
23 March 2017 | Show | 2015
Night Stalkers
Throughout the night, cameras remain trained on jaguars, ocelots and more as the wild cats of Central America stalk their prey.
17 March 2017 | Show | 2011
Wild Scene Investigation
Using cutting-edge technology, the "Wild Scene Investigation" team digs up the truth behind acts of mischief committed by animals.
17 March 2017 | Show | 2011
The Witch Doctor Will See You Now
Explorer Piers Gibbon takes various medical patients on worldwide tours to uncover ancient, unusual -- and quite possibly helpful -- medicine.
17 March 2017 | Show | 2011
Britain's Underworld
Behind upscale streets and tranquil parks, some of Britain's most ruthless gangsters keep police, judges and politicians busy protecting the public.
17 March 2017 | Show | 2010
Hitler's Bodyguard
Via reenactments and first-person accounts, this documentary series details the many assassination plots that were launched against Hitler's life.
2 March 2017 | Show | 2008
Murder Files
This series takes an in-depth look at some of Britain's most high-profile murders in recent memory and examines just how police nabbed the culprits.
2 March 2017 | Show | 2013
Conmen Case Files
Reenactments, experts and victims' testimony expose a variety of audacious scams and the twisted psychology of the con artists who perpetrated them.
2 February 2017 | Show | 2011
The Furchester Hotel
Elmo hops across the pond to help his extended monster family solve problems at their "almost" world-class establishment, the Furchester Hotel.
2 February 2017 | Show | 2015
Wanda and the Alien
Wanda is a sweet rabbit who looks after her family in their home under a tree. When an alien friend from outer space joins the fun, she learns a lot!
26 January 2017 | Show | 2011
Plane Resurrection
Each episode of this series documents the restoration of an old "warbird" airplane by people who spend all the time and money needed to bring it back.
12 January 2017 | Show | 2015
Vinnie Jones' Toughest Cops USA
Actor and former pro footballer Vinnie Jones takes a hard-hitting look at intrepid police forces fighting crime in the world's most violent places.
12 January 2017 | Show | 2008
High: How Drugs Work
Fueled by CGI and stunning visuals, this engrossing three-part series explores how cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine can affect the human body and mind.
12 January 2017 | Show | 2011
Real Life Wife Swap
Behind closed doors, no two couples are exactly the same, as revealed in this series profiling suburban swingers and their sexual customs.
5 January 2017 | Show | 2004
Mail Order Murder
This series examines true cases of mail-order marriages and other wedding schemes that leave one partner on the wrong end of murder.
5 January 2017 | Show | 2015
Playful magician Ben Hanlin uses his awe-inspiring sleight of hand to prank celebrities and ordinary people, all caught on hidden camera.
5 January 2017 | Show | 2015
The Great Train Robbery
This two-part tale delivers the true story of the Great Train Robbery of 1963, the biggest one in England's history.
22 December 2016 | Show | 2013
Britain's Darkest Taboos
This true-crime series recounts the shocking stories of Britons who were brutally victimized by their lovers or members of their own family.
22 December 2016 | Show | 2016
The Widower
A nurse tries to use his charm and sedatives to hide spending sprees from his wives, stage their deaths and collect insurance in this fact-based tale.
15 December 2016 | Show | 2014
Midwinter of the Spirit
In training to be an exorcist, single mom and rural vicar Merrily Watkins finds herself swept up in a series of deaths with dark ties to the occult.
15 December 2016 | Show | 2015
Safe House
A couple planning to open a quiet B&B find themselves drawn into a web of danger and lies when they agree to use the property as a safe house instead.
15 December 2016 | Show | 2015
Plagued by gambling debts and a bitter custody fight, aristocrat John Bingham disappears without a trace after his children's nanny turns up murdered.
15 December 2016 | Show | 2013
A rugged group of workers and their families settle in the 1870s shantytown of Jericho, where they labor on a towering viaduct in the Yorkshire Dales.
15 December 2016 | Show | 2016
The Trials of Jimmy Rose
After 12 years in prison, a career criminal returns home to a startling new reality and must decide how much to risk to rebuild his life and family.
15 December 2016 | Show | 2015
Returning to work after a long bereavement leave, a police inspector's old-school ways are challenged by a younger, university-educated partner.
15 December 2016 | Show | 2015
Home Fires
In an English village during World War II, women of diverse backgrounds unite to support the war effort and see each other through personal hardships.
15 December 2016 | Show | 2016
This biopic traces Cilla Black's rocky path from Liverpool clubs to the top of the charts and explores the relationships that would shape her career.
15 December 2016 | Show | 2014
Mrs Biggs
A fateful meeting lures young Charmian into a romance with future train robber Ronnie Biggs -- and a life of crime on the run.
15 December 2016 | Show | 2012
Autopsy: The Last Hours Of…
Medical testimony and interviews with witnesses help reconstruct the final moments in the lives of Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy and other stars.
15 December 2016 | Show | 2016
10,000 B.C.
A group of 20 ordinary citizens leave modern society behind and attempt to survive for two months in the woods under Stone Age conditions.
15 December 2016 | Show | 2015
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